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Muddybootz Boot Wipers are designed and manufactured in the UK and have been installed in a wide range of clubs, schools, factories, buiding site, quaries, council sites and sports clubs.  We stock freestanding boot wipers, fixed boot wipers, compressed air boot wipers and electric boot wipers. If properly maintained your Muddybootz Boot Wiper can last for many years, regular maintenance checks and fitting new brushes will help to keep the worlds Muddybootz clean.

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£425.00 exc VAT
(£510.00 inc VAT)



Stainless steel two station cleaning available with this heavy duty shoe/boot cleaner, can be fixed mounted or free standing, and will accommodate 2 people at a time, brushes set at an angle to suit the natural swing of the foot.(offset option see Prod 0476X)  Please specify colour of brushes when ordering.


  • All stainless steel construction
  • Replacement brushes available
  • All weather use


  • Height 90cm
  • Width 76cm x 38cm
  • Weight 11.5kg

Product Code 0476P